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An out-of-state daughter whose father needs help with medication management

Sue Carrington
Alexandria, VA

My 94-year-old father is living with numerous chronic conditions, yet still ambulatory and fiercely independent. He lives seven hours away, so visiting him regularly has been a challenge.

My two brothers and I decided it was time to look into home health options for Dad. Specifically, he needed help keeping his medications and doctors’ appointments straight and receiving a daily shot of insulin for his diabetes.

In January 2020, I travelled to Raleigh to stay with him and connect him with the best next step in care options. Finding the right home care provider was a lot more difficult than I imagined. I called two dozen or so home health agencies, but they were either exorbitantly priced or did not have an RN on staff who could administer Dad’s morning shot.

Then – perhaps by an act of divine intervention – I noticed A Family Friend on the website care.com. Kimble, the CEO, answered my call on the first ring. She was warm, engaging, and well-advised in explaining the many home care options for Dad.

Kimble met with Dad and me the next day, in the comfort of Dad’s living room. From the moment she walked through the door, I knew we’d found just the right home care provider.

We signed up for A Family Friend’s Star Plan, providing a two-hour visit, seven days a week, at a highly affordable price. Every morning, Kimble visits Dad to help with his insulin shot, make sure his medications are in order, and line up any doctors’ appointments. Kimble also found just the right member of her team, Reesie Thorpe, to assist Dad in other ways, from running errands cleaning house to keeping him company at the TV screen. And, A Family Friend connected us with a wonderful occupational therapist, Latoya Galberth of Galberth Health, LLC, to help Dad with his exercises.

I returned to my home in Virginia, knowing Dad was in the best of care with A Family Friend. Not only are they keeping a watchful eye on him when I’m not there; they are offering something just as important: a listening ear. They have taken the time to really know Dad as a person, genuinely caring about his life stories, laughing alongside him, and delivering kindness at every turn. Thank you, A Family Friend!

“Not only are they keeping a watchful eye on him when I’m not there; they are offering something equally important: a listening ear.”

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